Courses on Læsø

Courses on Læsø

We arrange all year round residence with combined teaching and riding tours on the farm's Icelandic horses.

It can be from weekend to week basis.
The courses are for riders of all levels divided into teams so there is room for everyone!

We have continuously weekend courses mail like the wish for weekend.

2-day stay lessons and riding tours
Adults kr. 2600, - children kr. 2300 -
3-day stay
Adults kr. 3600, - Children kr. 3100, -
4-day stay
Adults kr. 4600 Children kr. 4000, -

Scheduled courses:

Please ask pr. email

The students are divided into 2 teams

     8: 00-9: 00 Breakfast
     09:15 We meet in the barn for the distribution of horses and team division after the riders level
     10-12 rider team 1 on trip around 2 hours morning Allows rides in Læsø's beautiful open terrain to the south Rønnerne or plantation north
     10: 00-10: 45 Team 2 divided again into two groups hold 2.1 rides Ca 45 min. Riding lessons
     11: 15-12: 00 Hold 2.2 Rider Approximately 45 My Ride teaching
     12:00 Lunch Buffet
     13: 30-15: 30 In the afternoon, the team is one to be taught (divided into 2 groups) and hold 2 comes out in the open and see if they can use what they have learned on the trip. There will be from day to day spoils so 1 and 2 alternately riding trip in the morning or get lessons in the morning.
     15:30 Afternoon coffee and cake
     17: 00-18: 30 Theory 3 times at weekly stays for shorter stays, it is when in the farm
     19:00 Buffet


Arrival Sunday with the ferry 22:00 to coffee / tea biscuits and cheese

Monday - Chicken

Tuesday - Lam

Wednesday - Home Grown wild boar

Thursday - Fish Table

Friday - BBQ if possible

Departure Saturday 09:40 after breakfast


Adults 5.500, - per night. week

Children 4.500, - per night. week


The courses we review the basics of being a skilled rider!

     Working from the ground and the horses' different mind
     Establishment, seat and impact Here we come mainly into the vertical seat, but other setups that can be beneficial for the horse
     Ride Engineering, including the main dressage exercises
     The Icelandic horse gaits and training methods to improve all gaits

Teacher: Lasse Grønberg Jensen

Send mail for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Kalender 2023

Der er åbent for tilmeldinger til sæson 2023


5/4-10/4 Påske forlænget weekendophold
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”

14/4-16/4 Weekendophold 
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”

21/4-23/4 Weekendophold 
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”

28/4-30/4 Håndhestetur til Hornfiskrøn 
Tilmeld under “Håndhesteridning”


4/5-7/5 Store bededag forlænget weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket)

12/5-14/5 Weekendophold 
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”

17/5-21/5 Kristi himmelfart forlænget weekendophold 
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold” eller under “Kurser på Læsø”
hvis du vil kombinere opholdet med undervisning

26/5-29/5 Pinse forlænget weekendophold
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”


2/6-4/6 Weekendophold 
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”

9/6-11/6 Weekendophold 
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”

16/6-18/6 Weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket - Stor gruppe)

Uge 26
Ank mandag 26/6 Afr lørdag 1/7


Uge 27 (Ikke flere enkeltværelser)
Ank mandag 3/7 Afr lørdag 8/7

Uge 28
Ank mandag 10/7 Afr lørdag 15/7

Uge 29
Ank mandag 17/7 Afr lørdag 22/7

Uge 30
Ank mandag 24/7 Afr lørdag 29/7


Uge 31
Ank mandag 31/7 Afr lørdag 5/8

Uge 32 
Ank søndag 6/8 Afr fredag 11/8

Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”

25/8-27/8 Weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket)

1/9-3/9 Weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket - Stor gruppe)

8/9-10/9 Weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket)

14/9-17/9 Weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket - Stor gruppe)

22/9-24/9 Weekendophold 
(Midlertidigt forhåndsreserveret
- Stor gruppe)


29/9-1/10 Hestesamling Hornfiskrøn
Tilmeld under “Hestesamling”

6/10-8/10 Hestesamling Langerøn
Tilmeld under “Hestesamling”

Uge 42 Ridekursus 
Ank søndag 15/10 Afr lørdag 21/10
Tilmeld under “Kurser på Læsø”