Weekly stay

Weekly stay
You arrive at Læsø with ferry from Frederikshavn, Sunday afternoon.
After accommodation and information meeting we dividede the riders into the team after riding experience. Then we sadle up and ride a little in the riding hall, so we can see how the horse and rider interact.

Monday to Friday rides to day trips departing from the farm around 10:00
You get to ride over the marshes and on the beach and in the orchard to the north. For those who will not ride all day, in selected weeks the opportunity to drive horse-drawn carriage for the ride out or home or cycling on our mountain bikes to / from lunch destination.
We find a good place in the terrain where we eat lunch, rest us or bathe, if the weathe permits. Some days we arrange the trip to have lunch at the farm. The tours organized by the weather, the horse's energy level and desire. We are back at the farm between 15 and 16.

Anyone can join both beginners and advanced
little kids, big kids, young and old, families and singles. If a family does not want to ride, it is possible to drive mountain bike or horse-drawn carriage in selected weeks. We divide the group into three teams by level: beginner / intermediate / experienced.
If you choose mountain bike one way and riding the other has one bike available alternating morning or afternoon. We switch so you ride in the morning if you have been running mountain bike or horse-drawn carriage morning before.

We only use Icelandic horses
with their good minds and comfortable gaits are suitable for both beginners and advanced users. We have about 60 horses, and have good opportunities to find a horse that in mind and temperament suit the individual rider. Experienced or inexperienced. Young or older.

Accommodation in comfortable beds in simple rooms
Accommodation is in 1 - 2 - 3 or 4 persons. Rooms upon request. The rooms are not big but have good beds. There is a toilet and shower in the hallway.
Bring your own bedding or rent bedding package incl. towels for 75 Kr. on arrival.

The food we serve
prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients and fresh fish and shellfish from the sea around Læsø.
The farm is self-sufficient in meat from Gotland lambs and free range wild boar. In lots of accessories and vegetables and homemade bread for breakfast and evening buffet

Arrival and Departure
Sunday with the ferry departure Fr.havn pm. 15:10 crossing takes 1.5 hours. You can from the ferry run by Bus to Byrum or order a taxi (+4530504565) to the farm. Departure: Saturday by ferry At 09:40.



Riding Option B: riding four hours each day.
Prices: Adults dk.k 6.600, - pr. week ; Children dk.k 5.800, - pr. week (u. 15 years)


Room and board: Children and adults are not riding.
Price: Adults dk.k 3.700, - per. week: Children dk.k 3.000, - each week


Summer vacation week stays extending over weeks 26-32

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Kalender 2023

Der er åbent for tilmeldinger til sæson 2023


5/4-10/4 Påske forlænget weekendophold
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”

14/4-16/4 Weekendophold 
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”

21/4-23/4 Weekendophold 
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”

28/4-30/4 Håndhestetur til Hornfiskrøn 
Tilmeld under “Håndhesteridning”


4/5-7/5 Store bededag forlænget weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket)

12/5-14/5 Weekendophold 
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”

17/5-21/5 Kristi himmelfart forlænget weekendophold 
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold” eller under “Kurser på Læsø”
hvis du vil kombinere opholdet med undervisning

26/5-29/5 Pinse forlænget weekendophold
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”


2/6-4/6 Weekendophold 
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”

9/6-11/6 Weekendophold 
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”

16/6-18/6 Weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket - Stor gruppe)

Uge 26
Ank mandag 26/6 Afr lørdag 1/7


Uge 27 (Ikke flere enkeltværelser)
Ank mandag 3/7 Afr lørdag 8/7

Uge 28
Ank mandag 10/7 Afr lørdag 15/7

Uge 29
Ank mandag 17/7 Afr lørdag 22/7

Uge 30
Ank mandag 24/7 Afr lørdag 29/7


Uge 31
Ank mandag 31/7 Afr lørdag 5/8

Uge 32 
Ank søndag 6/8 Afr fredag 11/8

Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”

25/8-27/8 Weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket)

1/9-3/9 Weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket - Stor gruppe)

8/9-10/9 Weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket)

14/9-17/9 Weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket - Stor gruppe)

22/9-24/9 Weekendophold 
(Midlertidigt forhåndsreserveret
- Stor gruppe)


29/9-1/10 Hestesamling Hornfiskrøn
Tilmeld under “Hestesamling”

6/10-8/10 Hestesamling Langerøn
Tilmeld under “Hestesamling”

Uge 42 Ridekursus 
Ank søndag 15/10 Afr lørdag 21/10
Tilmeld under “Kurser på Læsø”










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